Proctoring Service

Exam Proctoring Policies & Guidelines


Proctoring Policy


Charges & Costs

The library will strive to keep proctoring services free while reserving the right to assess charges for items on a cost-recovery basis when necessary. Charges assessed to the student include but are not limited to, copy fees, scan-to-email fees, and charges to fax.


Student Responsibility

  1. Contact the library's designated proctor one week in advance (minimum) to schedule an exam. (Please note that the staff designee may have vacation scheduled, etc.)
  2. The student should verify that the technical requirements of an exam can be supported with the technology available at the library when scheduling the exam.
  3. Confirm with the library's designated proctor that the test has arrived 1 or 2 days prior to the test date.
  4. Allow sufficient time to take the examination. Please consider the library staff schedule and library hours. For example, a 90-minute exam cannot be scheduled 30 minutes before the proctor's work shift ends.
  5. Consider the deadline established by the testing agency. This may require sufficient time for tests to be returned by the U.S. Postal Service.
  6. Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the examination.
  7. Provide a valid Driver's license or ID for verification of identity or the test will not be proctored.
  8. Provide a post-paid envelope in the event that the institution has not enclosed a return envelope.

The library does have designated study rooms for proctoring but the rooms are not soundproof. To provide a quieter environment, the student can ask the proctor for help in scheduling the test when library activities are at a minimum (summer reading programs, LEGO club, etc.).


Library Responsibility

  • The library will designate one staff member as the proctor for exams. Students will receive the email address for the library's designated proctor after contacting the library to arrange proctoring
  • The library's designated proctor will make students aware of any specific institutional guidelines (no notes, no open books, calculator, or computer permitted).
  • The library's designated proctor will notify the student when the test arrives.
  • The library's designated proctor will receive tests for students, check study room availability, and sign and submit the appropriate paperwork.
  • The library's designated proctor will send the completed examination back to the institution via fax, email, or through the U.S. Postal Service. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the student.

The Le Mars Public Library cannot:

  • Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams.
  • Be responsible for completed exams that have gone astray in the postal system.
  • Be responsible for technical problems of the institution's website, software, passwords, downloads, etc.
  • Library staff will not sign any statement required by the educational institution inconsistent with our policy or with how the test was administered.
  • Provide a proctor who will constantly watch the student one-on-one while taking the exam. The library's designated proctor can observe the student through the study room's window and will periodically check on the student.
  • Provide proctoring for large groups of students.


A Final Note

Proctoring an exam takes significant time and effort by the library's designated proctor. Helping people reach their academic goals advances the library's mission and is gratifying for the staff. However, the library's designated proctor, in consultation with the Library Director, may refuse to proctor any exam that is too burdensome or if a student is difficult to work with or does not take personal responsibility for scheduling the test. A request to reconsider a decision to not proctor an exam can be submitted in writing to the Le Mars Public Library Board and will be considered at the next regular monthly meeting


Additional Information

Please contact the library for further information.

This information was adopted and approved by the Le Mars Public Library Board of Trustees on March 10, 2010, April 10, 2013, and revised on April 10, 2019.